Kiss An Angel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This book gives good grovel!

Daisy is forced to marry Alex (I liked the pacing – the story started in the perfect spot) by her father. The prevailing opinion is that Daisy is an airhead – and all the people around her treat her that way. Alex, feeling Daisy isn’t cut out for his odd lifestyle, makes some serious (and borderline mean) efforts to run her off. Daisy is determined to see something through for the first time in her life – meaning she takes a lot of crap from Alex.

I enjoyed that Alex and Daisy had reasons for their behavior. In the first 100 pages I almost gave up twice – feeling like I couldn’t watch anyone else be any more awful to Daisy. SEP salvaged the book both times by offering a touch of insight into Daisy and Alex’s motives. There was enough detail in this book to move it from the realm of just awful to the realm of realistic(ish).

And yeah – the grovel was worth it. All of those downs were worth it for such sweet ups. I read this in one evening – once it got good it was fantastic. The nuanced supporting characters, fast paced story and interesting characters made this an appealing way to while away an afternoon.