Hate to Love You by Tijan

Tijan – love her or hate her. I’m not sure there’s much room for the in-between. She’s as close to stream-of-consciousness as I’ve come since reading William Faulkner in high school. At times it feels like sentences or entire paragraphs have been edited out. The writing is choppy and confusing. The storylines drama-laden and strange. She’s still a must-read for me – her characters are too likable her stories so stripped of any accoutrement or facade as to become strangely addicting.

I could tell you the plot of this book – but it doesn’t matter. Either you’ve read Tijan before and you’ll react to this book just like you did the ones you’ve read previously or you haven’t read her before and I will spend most of the book adapting to her form of writing and deciding if you like it.

I devoured this thing in one quick sitting. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Twice reread the page bc I couldn’t figure out what was happening – but that didn’t matter. Tijan is a strange addiction, but I’m hooked for sure.