Cry Wolf by Tami Hoag

This was a lot of work, and I’m not sure the payoff was worth it. Not a bad book, but a long book. An intense book. A book full of emotions and bad juju and sadness and frustration.

Laurel comes home after her career and marriage crash. She’s a fragile mess. Then she’s set upon by her insane family. <b>”Be a good daughter, Laurel. Don’t rock the boat, Laurel. Always say the right thing, Laurel.”</b> And a cajun charmer who may be a good guy…or not. <b>”She was caught in the beam of that intense, dark gaze, held captive by it, mesmerized.”</b>

There are a number of side story lines involving grim subjects, and Laurel is hardly Little Miss Sunshine. Basically for most of this book everything is awful. I like a dark(ish) book, but maybe if it had been a little shorter. Or if there hadn’t been so many bad things happening in one little space. Still, there was lovely writing and a book that sucks you right in. Tami Hoag is a talent, for sure. <b>”She sat on the hard plank seat of the pirogue with the posture of a debutante, her gaze scanning the far bank of the bayou, where an alligator was sunning itself. Even in her baggy clothes and the too-big cap she looked feminine and graceful…”</b> I just bit of a little more than I could chew.