An Exaltation of Larks by Suanne Laqueur

Full disclosure – i’m mentioned on the dedication page of this book. (Thus you can make a fair argument for my being a little biased). Suanne and i talked about these characters and this storyline. A lot. In the beginning. However i’m a fragile flower, and when i saw the ride my imaginary friends were headed on i wussed out. Suanne is much bolder than i am – willing to not just ride the rollercoaster but pilot it (while i’m somewhere in the back car with my eyes closed screaming my fool head off). So large parts of this book were a surprise to me. I didn’t skim anything that i already knew bc it was all new and captivating to me.

Suanne’s writing here is flawless. She’s an author who respects her readers and loves her characters, and those facts shine through each word – each paragraph – each page. She’s an imp who grabs your hand with a wink and a “come on. This will be fun. i promise.” You trust her, and you’re in great hands while on this emotional adventure. Some pages she takes full advantage of that trust.

There were at least two themes in this book that are hard stops for me. Super uncomfortable. Things i don’t wanna read about. Didn’t matter. I read it, and i love it. The characters and the story are so full – like a stew. A dozen hearty ingredients in a rich broth. So many flavors – so much time and love. And maybe you don’t like red peppers, but suddenly you know that this wouldn’t be right without their spice. Every piece is a necessary to this full and meaningful story.

This is a story about love in its many forms. Choices. Family. Marriage – and the decision to be married. Coincidence or destiny. Brotherhood. But mostly love – not grand and silly – but gritty, tough and meaningful. Not passive love that just happens but the love that we seize, protect and live for – the same love that we sometimes trample or take for granted.This is a beautiful story. An absolutely can’t-miss read.