Kulti by Mariana Zapata

5 stars when I read it for the first time in March of 2015. 5 stars today.

The truth is most great things are worth work. And that’s why I love Zapata. Her characters make you work for it. There’s no random sex. No steamy teasy scenes. Kulti is an asshole. Sal is a tomboy with a temper. This isn’t a cutesy book. And the payoff is so totally worth it.

I don’t use the phrase “reading slump.” I’m superstitious about it. But I will say I read parts of 4 books yesterday – including reading nearly half a book. 3 of them pissed me off. The 4th book I’m still reading, but it doesn’t deserve my shitty attitude. I am not a rereader. I find that I enjoy the anticipation of what’s coming next a lot. And knowing what’s coming usually deadens the thrill. But when I couldn’t find a book I didn’t hate I thought I’d give Kulti a second read. I was nervous. I have read this book one time, and it made the short list of favorites. I was worried a second reading would expose some cracks (as recently happened with The Hating Game.) I shouldn’t have bothered worrying. Sal and Kulti were better this time around. I knew what to expect with from his psycho-ass. And my respect for Sal is just through the roof. She is truly the romantic heroine to whom I most relate (along with Elizabeth Bennett.)

From 70% on I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt. This remains one of my favorite books of all time – with a hero and heroine who own me. I’ve read about 900 books since I first read Kulti. A few of them compare – none of them outshine.

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