Fall By Kristen Callihan

It felt like Kristen Callihan wanted to write a book about depression so she made it happen. Jax has been a big, important and interesting character in the earlier books in this series. He deserved an organic relationship that flowed from who he was rather than a stilted romance that most heavily starred his depression.
It is admirable to write about characters that have depression or anxiety or don’t like crowds (Ahem, Min. In The Duchess War). Multi-faceted heroes and heroines are the best to read. And I want to be challenged. I want to read romance that isn’t rote or formulaic. I want my characters to address their problems and find strength together.
Jax and Stella simply didn’t have a real connection. I didn’t like either one of them – they were mostly a bundle of issues reacting rather than acting. From their silly meeting to their constant running into one another to every minute spent analyzing their shaky relationship to death – this didn’t feel like two people overcoming stumbling-blocks on their way to love. Rather it felt like a book about depression where an obligatory romance was inserted.

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