The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

***Updated review October 31, 2018***
This weekend Sam suggested that I try Scribd. I figured I’d do the 30 day trial and see how much reading it brought me. I am not a book-listener so I wasn’t anticipating using that Scribd service. Fast forward to Monday afternoon when I’m diagnosed with the flu. Burning up with fever. Muscles aching. Randomly dozing off at every opportunity. Both the ARC and the amazing Duran I’m reading felt like too much – for very different reasons. I looked for The Hating Game on Scribd and saw it was only there as an audiobook. What the heck? I couldn’t be any more miserable, and I was desperate for one of my favorite books of all time.
It turns out listening to The Hating Game was exactly what I needed. Oh, I’m still sick and miserable. But the time goes by faster when an incredible book is read aloud.
I’m not sure that I’ll read or listen to this book again though. It has a magic to it. But I fear that it’s a shiny veneer that would rub off upon too close an inspection. I want this book to remain the unspoiled confection that it is. So today I bid a fond adieu and say a sweet thank you to this wonderful, funny, touching, kind, and happy book.

***Original Review August 31, 2016***
Take the stars. All of them. Load them up in a wheelbarrow or cargo plane or semi-truck. Take them all! I got to the bottom of page 4 and fell so hard – I was like that skydiver with no parachute.

Honestly, I’m going to revisit this review in a month. I have to know if these feelings subside. I love this book like you’d love a person. A tiny fireball person. Or a big hulking psycho in a robin’s egg blue shirt.

I think this is the best romance I’ve ever read. I’m not sure how to get over it. It’s like someone broke up with me. I want to sip tea in the window seat while rain streams down and Radiohead plays in the background.

I want to travel back in time to a moment I haven’t read this so I can read it for the first time. Better yet – I want to curl up into a tiny ball and drop into these pages – never to be seen again.

Clever. Well-written. Light with a surprising depth. These little sentences that made me stop and grin. Vivid colors and bright funny images. A sweet funny woman and a very bottled-up man in an engaging private war with immense repercussions.

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