Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor

Along with it’s predecessor, Strange the Dreamer, MoN is my book of the year.

See my review for Strange.

These are books for readers who wonder and ponder and know things beyond our wild fantasies are just a page turn away. Readers with big hearts and bigger dreams and witchlight in their eyes. These are books for readers who want to touch the stars – who know that impossible is a word only for those too scared to try.

An epic quest. A gentle love. Hatred. Forgiveness. Magic. Friendship. New chances. Hard losses. Tears. And smiles. An unimagined strength.

Beautiful writing, flawless pacing, and an unforgettable case of characters – it had everything for a romantic heart and so much more. I took my time with this. It is sad to shut it and face only the back cover. Like it any great book it made me fall in love – with possibility and people and the promise inside everyone.

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