Fast Women by Jennifer Crusie

I wanted something to take Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ spot as my go-to read. When everything and everyone is too much and too stupid and too aggravating an SEP book renews my faith in humanity. But. BUT. I only have two SEPs left unread. I’m going sloooooooowly with these last two. I don’t want to have read everything she’s written. That will be an end to an era – and something for which I’m not ready.

While Jennifer Crusie’s stories and characters aren’t like SEP’s stories and characters there is that same kind of comfort. It’s like “oh, I’m safe here. I’m going to be entertained. There won’t be stupid characters or insulting writing or plots that seem as far-fetched as fantasy novels.” If SEP is chicken n dumplins, Crusie is pot roast and mashed taters. Delicious. Comforting. Perhaps not the most exciting thing I’ve ever eaten, but I’m gonna want it over and over again.

Now I have a big ole stack of Crusie on my nightstand. It seems I read Bet Me in 2015. But I don’t remember it. Still, I liked it wayyyyy back then. (See my review here).

I have a few ARCs coming up. Plus I’m still reading Muse of Nightmares I/2 of my book of the year. The Crusie held up nicely against my slow savoring Muse read. Which means I’ll be reading her again ASAP.Fas

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