The Governess Game by Tessa Dare

DNF at 50%.

Caveat – nothing is going to fair well read simultaneously with Muse of Nightmares, but this was particularly insipid.

The pacing felt rushed – before I even knew or liked the characters I was dealing with their relationship. And each of them felt like a cardboard cut-out of “the rake” and “the spitfire.” Everything was predictable. The children (I hate children in books) were a pathetic attempt at a cute diversion.

Perhaps the second half of the book is is inspired. An opus if you will. I truly don’t care. I was in no way invested in the characters or their relationship and had begun watching Bubble Guppies to get some characters I enjoy.

I enjoyed the first book in this series. You can check out my review here. For now I’m off to watch Gill and the gang and try to choose a book that doesn’t shatter under Muse’s majesty.THe


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