The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith

** spoiler alert ** Good God Almighty. That was awful. Like a root canal – you’re just so thankful to be on the other side, but you can still remember the pain.

And heretofore I shall refer to this book as Space Outlander. (See my review). Rape. Suffer. Rape. Rape. Degradation. Rape. I’m talking more than 100 pages of rape and humiliation for a heroine that we’d already watched have a pretty rough go for the 600 previous pages. I gagged reading parts of this book. And at least Outlander had Jamie Fraser. Meoraq was pretty pathetic as a romantic lead – although I thought he rocked until sex entered the picture.

I absolutely know and respect that readers get off on the pain. They like their heroines to be brought low so they can enjoy the ride back up. Eventually there comes a point when I can’t be raised up. I’m trampled and resentful. Taken completely out of the book by my discomfort and my rolling eyes. As I told a friend – if my kindle started spitting hundreds like an ATM at the end of this book it still wouldn’t have been enough to raise my spirits.

I was curious about the book for a while before I tried it. I went in blind. Usually that’s good – here it was a mistake.

That said – I had the experience. Now I am immeasurably thankful that it’s over.

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