Us Against You by Fredrik Backman

****ARC received for an honest review****

So I’m having this argument with myself – about comparing this book with Beartown. Bc I know that’s not fair. Owen Meany was the book that spoke to me in my 20s. Encapsulated all those feelings rushing through me like a river gone over its banks. And Beartown did that for me in my 30s – it felt like every word came from my heart.

Which means I loved and hated Us Against You for not being Beartown. UAY didn’t have the same magic. The same cadence. The same pull. But…it did have a different magic, a different cadence, a different pull.

I thought characters became fully flushed out – they got the story they deserved. But some characters got things they didn’t deserve – the story felt harder than it had to be in parts. Too much wringing of emotions. Too much always shooting for the fences.

In Bull Durham Crash tells us “Throw some ground balls – it’s more democratic.”

I don’t generally highlight much while I read. But with Backman it’s a compulsion. 19 highlights when truly I could have highlighted the entire book. This one felt a little jerkier. Too much foreshadowing. A little heavy on the promise of the story to come rather than the story in front of us. But even then it was brilliant. Backman can write a damn book.

Oh yeah – and the ending? Crushed it.

<b>Perhaps because there are both good and bad people living here, and that makes us complicated, because it isn’t always so damn easy to see the difference. Sometimes we’re both at the same time.</b>