The Highwayman by Kerrigan Byrne

I love a storyline where childhood sweethearts are torn asunder, and then the dude returns all super dark and angsty. Which is exactly what happened here…not really.

Dougan and Farah meet in an orphanage as kids. They have the sweetest little baby romance. Then Dougan ends up in prison. And dies. Ouch, right?

“‘I’ll teach you that, as well,’ she promised. ‘ Right after I teach you to read. Love is quite like reading, I expect. Once you know how, you can’t ever imagine not doing it.'”

17 years later Farah is tossed into the path of a tortured criminal named Dorian – who had been imprison with Dougan. Dorian is a hot mess – physically and emotionally, but he thinks Farah is the cat’s meow bc in prison Dougan was all “Fairy is the perfectest, sweetest, prettiest little angel in the whole world.” But then Dorian is all “No, I can’t love you. I’m awful and will taint you.” And Farah is all “your issues have issues, but I think I like it!” Meanwhile assassination attempts and long-buried secrets and self-torture and torture of others and shenanigans.

“‘That’s what you’re too blind to see. I don’t want to change. I like being the Blackheart of Ben More. I relish making the imbeciles that run this empire into my puppets. I feed on the fear of others. I love to crush my enemies and outwit the police. I am not a redeemable hero, Farah…'”

In short, all the reasons I read romance in one perfect package. With a great writing. I’ll be blowing straight through this series – see you on the other side of the Byrne-binge!

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