Loving JT Geissinger’s Wicked Games Series For Its Heroines

Despite being a voracious reader my entire life, I’m relatively new to the romance game. I only started reading romance about 10 years ago – and got serious about them within the last five years. The reason? Heroines.

I’m 37. I have a Doctorate. I’m seeking my Masters currently. I have little in common with an awkward teenager torn between a vampire and a werewolf. And any man attempting to tie me up and spank me is likely to end up dead or in jail. Again and again I’d get 10 or 20 percent into a book to find that while the heroes shine, sparkle and conquer the heroines simper, worry and make ONE STUPID DECISION AFTER ANOTHER. Literally, these women exist to do dumb things – allowing the hero to save them and show off his awesome skills.

Over the last few years I have become the pickiest of readers. I only get recommendations from the most trusted of sources, and I’m quick to shut a book down if I realize quickly that the heroine makes me feel squicky or aggravated.

Which brings me to this series by JT Geissinger. These are the first books I’ve read by her. And they were wonderful. Each of the heroes was uber-masculine, charming and sexy. But I fell in love with the heroines. Each with issues, but each so incredibly strong and sassy and never-say-die. All of the books were action-packed, and the heroine was always in the thick of it. They may have possessed a different skill-set than the hero, but Geissinger is an author who values both brains and brawn. If you’re tired of feeling marginalized by frail, willowy heroines who run up the stairs when they should be running out the front door then may I suggest you give JT Geissinger a try?

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