The Rollercoaster That is Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles

I was unimpressed with Book 1 (Poison Princess) because of a wimpy heroine and seemingly meandering plot, but I was hooked by Book 2 (Endless Knight) and in love by Book 3 (Dead of Winter). I ended up reading this after I requested cajun heroes from one of my book groups – it turned out that this was YA, post-apocalyptic and a love-triangle. Talk about 3 strikes and you’re out. Generally for me love-triangle is a death knell, and the other 2 only blow my skirt up when I’m in the mood. Little did I know that I’d be wandering into my favorite series of 2017.

It is frivolous. I get that. But I love that while this book wrings all of these emotions out of me – it does it in this terribly gentle way. Yes, my heart is broken 5 times a book – but it hurts so good. There’s that fine line between emotional manipulation and let’s-have-some-fun. Kresley Cole walks it perfectly in this series, and I could not be more excited for the final book in 2018.

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