Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown

5 stars for being so balanced, thorough and smooth. Writing that never blew my socks off, but was so completely solid that it wasn’t a distraction. This is a big book – but it didn’t feel too long or overwrought or ridiculous or unnecessary. It was an absolute pleasure to read from page 1.

Jade is a nice girl in a small Southern town. Three someones do something awful to her, and even when Jade does the right thing there’s no justice. These young men have power, and Jade does not. I spent a lot of time dreading what i knew was coming, but it was handled in a manner for maximum impact with minimum reader-agony. (FYI – there’s some romance thrown in this thing as well. I wasn’t expecting that, and when it appeared i was a little confused.)

Jade is a wonderful character – realistic and likable throughout the story. She becomes focused on gaining power so that she can right her wrong as well as stand-up for others.I love love love stories about strong women – i anticipate i’ll have a crush on this story for a while.

It wasn’t preachy or pushy. This book was sans-eyeroll the entire time. I was buying everything Sandra Brown was selling. I’m so excited to check out more of her books.


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