All the Linda Howard

I love old school romance! I think it has a depth and intensity all its own. Plus there’s frequently a dissonance – there are cultural, emotional or relationship behaviors that aren’t found today. And sometimes there’s a kindness or sweetness that contemporary books lack – there’s a lack of the modern edge.

Once I read my first Linda Howard I couldn’t stop. I didn’t review them all for the blog because there were so many. But I thought I’d do a quick post listing some of my favorites. I can’t say enough good things about this author. She’s bold, smart, fun and interesting. I think you can pick up any of the books I’ve listed below and find yourself happy and entertained for a few hours.

Mr Perfect – romantic suspense – first published 2000 – 4 sassy friends write a list of traits for the “perfect man” and attract the attention of a psychopath

After The Night – 1995 – a sassy little girl with no money falls in love with the town’s golden boy – Faith grows from an urchin to a capable woman. There’s some whodunit in this one

Dream Man – 2001 – small town librarian makes herself over and accidentally witnesses a murder – she finds her match in a rough former-NY cop. Loved their relationship

Mackenzie’s Mountain – 1989 – a local with hang-ups about his Native American history falls in love with a strong smart teacher. I adored this couple

Cry No More – 2003 – my favorite LH – I have a thing for a strong female character with a mysterious hero – Diaz reminded me of Plum’s Ranger and Milla is so strong, compassionate and realistic. Lots of action. Such a great book

Shadow Woman – 2012 – another favorite because the heroine shines in this one – Lizette begins having odd headaches and memories – it turns out she has some skills that a “normal” staid office worker shouldn’t have – Xavier is great, but this book is Lizzy’s show as she figures out who she really is and what she can do

There are plenty more books by this author, and my favorites aren’t everyone’s favorites. I suggest that you check out Linda Howard because I suspect there’s something in her vast library that’s right for you.


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