Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown

5 stars for being so balanced, thorough and smooth. Writing that never blew my socks off, but was so completely solid that it wasn't a distraction. This is a big book - but it didn't feel too long or overwrought or ridiculous or unnecessary. It was an absolute pleasure to read from page 1. Jade… Continue reading Breath of Scandal by Sandra Brown


Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

I'm on a cajun kick, and this was recommended by another reader. I didn't know that it was YA or Fantasy, but I love Kresley Cole so I figured I'd give it a try. This is an apocalypse/post-apocalypse adventure about Evie (and sort of Jackson). She's a nice, popular teenage-girl with weird visions of the… Continue reading Poison Princess by Kresley Cole

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry

Beautiful writing. Interesting story. Thought-provoking. I simply didn't connect. Cora, her companion Martha and Cora's odd son Francis go to Essex after Cora's husband's death. There Cora meets Will - a happily married parson. And then things get weird between Cora and Will. And Martha and Cora. And Cora and her friend Luke. And basically… Continue reading The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry