Not A Sound by Heather Gudenkauf

My favorite thing about this book is the detail.

Amelia falls apart after being deafened in an accident. 2 years later she’s sort of pulling herself together when she discovers a body. Immediately Amelia becomes sucked into solving the murder mystery (when she truly has no damn business doing this at all). Each of the characters has traits that make them nuanced and interesting. Amelia is a bit of a mess, and that makes her relatable. She also has a pretty kickass dog.

I had some ideas about who did it. I was wrong(ish). And then it became really obvious, but that was sort of the point.

There was a fun thrill factor (I definitely didn’t love reading it at night while my husband was at work). This book was really easy to read.

I didn’t give it 4 stars bc 1) Amelia jumped to some ridiculous conclusion and 2) she did some really dumb stuff. But it was awfully close to a 4 start read.

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