Troublemaker by Linda Howard

Must Love Dogs! Seriously. I have 5 of the jokers (and volunteer for a rescue), and even I thought the dog storyline was pushing it.

Story – someone wants to kill Morgan. They almost do. So he’s sent to live with Bo (a part time chief-of-police and technical writer with some emotional walls but a really cool supportive community) to recuperate while his government agency figures out who wants to kill him. Morgan is my favorite kind of bad-ass – super alpha and capable without being overly chatty or braggy. He’s also damaged (in this case mostly physically). There’s no Insta-love (HURRAH!) bc Morgan is near death with he meets Bo. They take the time to develop a kick-ass relationship.

And then there’s Tricks…Tricks is Bo’s dog. And she has the largest role in this book. No lie. The dog is the star of the show. Had she played a slightly smaller role I would have given the book 5 stars. I LOVED it. I finished it in one day and didn’t want to put it down. I just could have used a teeny bit less storyline involving the world’s most precocious dog.

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