The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth

Brilliant! I enjoy the premise of spy/espionage novels very much. The plan. The organization. One brilliant mind versus another. Obstacles, quick-thinking, action, twists, turns and sitting on the edge of my seat. The place where these novels fall apart for me is in the hyperbole. Too much jargon. Over-the-top, unrealistic, hyper-masculine heroes swaggering around blowing things up without repercussion.

This is what I would term a “realistic political thriller.” A clever plot carefully and meaningfully detailed. At first I was all “Go, Jackal!” The man is a genius, and his skills at making a list and checking things off made my toes curl. But when I met his adversary my heart went “BOOM BOOM BOOM” for an entirely different reason.

Total bonus? I learned things! This book is historical fiction, and I know now all kind of cool things about France, Charles de Gaulle and Europe during the early 60s. This fastidious, thought-provoking and brilliant book is likely to become a personal favorite of mine.

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