Once Burned by Sam Mariano

Ahhhhh. The Sam Mariano (and Mateo) that I know and love. It’s no secret that I despised the second book in this series. I felt it wasn’t true to the characters/actions/storyline from the first book. Mateo acted in ways that I felt were unrealistic and an awful love triangle appeared unnecessarily. Much of that falls by the wayside in this book.
Technically this is Adrian’s story. Really it’s not though. We certainly get more of a feel for Adrian. We learn what makes him tick, and we see him develop a nice relationship. But mostly we’re back on familiar ground with Mateo being a psychopath and Mia being his wood nymph/weak spot. Right where we should be.
I considered not reading this book bc I loathed the last one so. Totally glad I did though. The worst character I’ve ever loved was back in all his lunatic glory – and steadfastly making his way to the woman with whom he belongs. The nitwitted side dish barely makes an appearance. I’m excited for book 4.


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