Open Season by Linda Howard

As with previous Howard books the draw here is the steady nature of this book. 34-year-old librarian Daisy decides she needs a makeover to find a man. (Right away I’ll tell you this should be a red-flag premise – it’s been done a thousand times. Plus it’s frequently insulting and insipid when a character magically becomes beautiful after a day at the salon. However Daisy is cooler than a polar bear’s toenails – her transformation is believable and increases her already generous likability.)

Jack is a cop from the big city transplanted to small town Alabama. He’s less alpha-male than previous Howard characters (and even her most alpha of alphas remain palatable). Jack and Daisy are both loaded down with common sense – even if Daisy is a little naive.

There’s a crime situation thingy in town, and Daisy sort of accidentally ends up in the middle. I liked the conflict. I loved Jack and Daisy – just the right amount of bossy man/sassy woman. They were adorable. This book earned my respect by being real and warm and constant. Linda Howard is cementing herself as a favorite author.

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