Dream Man by Linda Howard

Hmmmm. My thoughts on the book are colored by how incredibly, mind-blowingly, volcanically angry I got near the end.

Dane is a cop – and sort of a Neanderthal. Bossy. Pushy. Uses his size. Intimidates. Not my favorite. Marlie, a reluctant psychic, is kind of a pushover who spends most of the book reacting to Dane. They meet on a case bc Marlie can sense the killer. Dane thinks she’s a fraud – and he’s a dick about it.

I liked their issues. Dane was drawn to Marlie but totally freaked by her abilities. Truthfully, who wants to be with someone who could read their mind or tell where they are? It feels intrusive. Marlie is kind of bowled over by Dane. Aside from physical attraction I’m not sure what she felt for him. They had a kind of protector/protectee thing going on – not one of my favorite relationships bc it frequently leaves the heroine feeling a little weak and flat-footed.

All of this aside I was cruising along mostly enjoying myself until Dane did something SO AWFUL. This book is likely to go down as one of the dirtiest hero deeds of all time. I will never forgive him or like him. Ever. I’m gonna give this a few days. I want to give this book 2 stars, but I’m trying to give it the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see how that works out for me at the middle of the week.

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