Mr Perfect by Linda Howard

This review is tough to write bc, as odd as it sounds, this book sparkled by not sparkling. An alpha-male and his sassy-talking new neighbor are thrown together by circumstance. And nothing ridiculous happens. Murder – check. Mayhem – yes. Steamy sex – absolutely. But all without hyperbole or OTT shenanigans.

Jaine hates the drunk/drug-dealing guy next door to her adorable new house. Sam, the undercover cop, feels the same way about her. When Jaine and her goofy work buddies attract national attention with a list for the perfect man a psycho starts hunting them. Sam and Jaine struggle to figure out who’s doing this and why – while sort of loving and hating each other.

The book is pared-down. Not short. But story-focused. Light on gimmicks. With an alpha-male who was respectful and spoke in complete sentences. There was a slow-build. A huge twist. Strong female characters.

My heart never pounded. My toes didn’t curl. But this has to be one of the steadiest and most easily enjoyed romances I’ve read in a long time. I understand that Ms Howard’s earlier books have a different vibe. I’m moving on to one of them (highly recommended) tonight. Curious to see the differences and the similarities.

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