Promise Not To Tell by Jennifer McMahon

This book checked the boxes for a thriller du jour – dead girl, story told in flash backs, dreary weather, etc without feeling cliche or ridiculous.

Kate returns to the commune (really!) where she grew up to make elder-care decisions about her struggling mother. While she’s home a murder happens – one similar to the murder of her childhood friend. Is it coincidence that this happened while Kate was in town or is she somehow linked?

We hop from 1971 to 2002 in rotating chapters comparing Del’s murder to Tori’s. We meet a motley crew of suspects and enough clues are dropped to let the reader solve the murder – if he or she pays attention. There was some mysticism that I didn’t love, but there was enough good solid deduction to make it forgivable.

I could have read this book in one sitting – except I didn’t want to get to the scary parts while my husband was at work (he works nights). Engrossing from the first pages – this book is a tiny treat at 250 pages.


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