The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White

Being a criminal defense attorney makes certain subject matter a little dicey. There is plenty to spoil in this book – so my review will stay at the surface. After her divorce Merilee moves to the other side of town and enrolls her children in a snooty private school. Merilee doesn’t fit in with the fancy moms, but she tries. This book reminded me of a Southern-set Big Little Lies.

It becomes obvious that shady nonsense is taking place. Merilee remains so freakin oblivious. She keeps putting herself in stupid situations – I wanted to shake her a little. Her divorce had rocked Merilee’s foundation which left her vulnerable to a lot of crap.

Parts of the book were incredibly unrealistic. I’m not sure how it would feel to a non-lawyer. But for me it was the equivalent of a blue alien invading the story – everything was rendered loony tunes.

I’d like to read more by this author. I enjoy southern stories, and Ms White has a lovely authentic voice. I’m hoping something without this particular story line won’t make my lawyer-anxiety rear its ugly head.

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