Vines by Brynne Asher

A solid 4 stars!

Ex-military(ish), edgy, broody and awesome Crew buys the property next to Addy’s vineyard. She’s a sassy-pants who isn’t about to take his alpha-he-man bullshit lying down. All kinda sparks fly as espionage and corruption and intrigue take over Addy’s world. She’s a chick in trouble but hardly a damsel in distress. Crew, a man of few words and many muscles, tries to steamroll Addy with his “I got this, babe” but she makes sure they’re a partnership – each holding their own.

This book felt A LOT like KA-lite. Crew had a lot of familiar mannerisms with extra charm thrown in for funsies. I fell for him hard, and I fell for him fast. Total badass with a charming side – his chapters were my favorite bc his devotion to Addy was deep. She was likable – a business owner, smart, capable and totally able to manage Crew and his overwhelming tendencies. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

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