Way Off Plan by Alexa Land

This is one of the sugary-sweetest books I’ve ever read. Think tween girl insta-love with a lot of man sex.

Jamie is a cop unhappy with his job. Dmitri is a mobster. Sorta. They meet through Jamie’s work and literally instantly fall in love. And then a bazillion things happen to come btw them – bc, hello, cop and mobster. Through out it all they remain the human equivalent of a dump truck full of cotton candy.

When I wasn’t considering barfing over all that sugar the book was adorable. It had a ridiculous plot and fun side characters. The steam level was pretty high if you dig on M/M. And this book sets up a whole series (which I will be reading further – my dentist is gonna be thrilled when these books give me a cavity). I liked parts of Alexa Land’s writing. I liked how sweet and easy this all was. I’m way too dark of a reader for this kind of love all the time – but it’s not the worst thing in the world (in small doses).

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