Remember When by T Torrest

Wow! Here’s to a lack of expectations! I went into this without reading the blurb – just knowing that I’d seen some buzz. I had tried this once before and found it not edgy enough. But it turned out to be perfect this time around.

It’s the beginning of Layla’s senior year at a catholic high school in new jersey in the 90s. She’s a down-to-earth heroine, and the entire book verges on matter-of-fact. Trip moves to town – joining Layla’s popular group of friends. Slowly Layla and Trip develop a bond. And we move through the agonies and ecstasies of a group of friends on the cusp of adulthood.

Part romance/part coming of age – this book was just incredibly relatable. Friendship. Growing-up. Family issues. Falling in love. Being brave. This book laid a lot of groundwork for the rest of Layla’s life. It is lightly done – not hyper-emotional or intense. Mostly just a sweet naturalness. I suspect I’ll read the entire trilogy this weekend – I look forward to watching Layla grow up and grow into herself.

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