Enemies of the State by Tal Bauer

This was different than anything I’ve come across in the M/M genre. Ethan is former military and now in the Secret Service. Jack is the President and a widower. Jack is not gay. They become friends (totally against Ethan’s job rules) – and then feelings develop. This happens amongst political intrigue and an attempt to destabilize the world through bombings and assassination.

Ethan was fantastic. Jack too. Their relationship took a lot of work to build, and it was fun to be on the ride with them. Despite being a bad-ass Ethan has a great vulnerability. I found myself drawn to him. Jack ended up being cool too. The reader gets to watch how Jack’s role in their relationship unfurls and strengthens.

Total page turner once you realize there’s an inside man and things may end badly for Jack and Ethan. The sex scenes were low on schmaltz – it felt like watching a real relationship slowly weave itself together. The side characters were varied and interesting – with varying reactions to this relationship and then the burgeoning danger. A political thriller with a sweet M/M romance to boot. I’m gonna check out the next book in this series soon because I’m not ready to let Ethan go.Enemies

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