The Irreparable Series by Sam Mariano

I’m going to review both books in this series bc one makes no sense without the other.

Let’s start this review by saying i’m confused. About a lot of things. Mostly my own feelings. A large percentage of my issue arises because i came to this book straight from Accidental Witness (just the first book – the second book isn’t out yet. DAMNIT!! – that’s an unrelated issue). Accidental Witness had me fucked up as a football bat. I left that book half in love with a very very bad man. And completely unsure that love was justified. I still don’t know who the hero is – and i don’t give a damn. #MateoForever

Anywho, Willow gets kidnapped. Bad things happen. Ethan is involved. And then Willow and Ethan are involved. Nothing is black and white – the grey area of good/bad in all of us is a major theme in this story – one i found enjoyable.

Willow and Ethan don’t make sense to me, but that didn’t detract from the story as much as i thought it would. To say this is an unconventional love story is putting it uber-mildly. Plus Mariano is showing herself to be a true slowburn queen – even while her characters are gettin it on there’s this emotional distance that leaves you waiting for the love. I appreciated that most of the impediments to their relationship came from outside their own heads (one of them was unexpected, dramatic and awsome/awful). I liked Willow for being kinda weird – both in ways you’d anticipate given what happened and others.

At times i wanted to punch both of them in the face (i’m looking at you, Ethan, for like 70% of the second book you freakin indecisive bitch). But the aggravating things they did were reasonable within this created world.

i went into this book hoping for a fix bc i was an addict after Accidental Witness. Instead i got something sweeter, less intense and unexpectedly great in it’s own way. I’m going to check out more by this author while i patiently (seriously, i looked for her email today to send her a desperate plea the second Accidental Witness book – it was ugly and going to involve bribery) for more Mateo. ❤

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