Beguiling The Beauty by Sherry Thomas

I attempted 5 books but other authors before relenting and reading another Sherry Thomas. I suspect I'm trapped in her web for the foreseeable future. And I'm okay with that. This was sort of a romance in reverse. Christian falls in love-at-first-sight with a married woman - solely based on her looks. When he can't… Continue reading Beguiling The Beauty by Sherry Thomas


Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas

This sparkling, painful and sweet historical romance raked my heart over the coals - in just the right way. Leo and Bryony have this hopeful awkward little marriage that falls apart due to their separate issues. When they're throw back together all of the bad comes to the surface. They're awful to one another bc… Continue reading Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas

Falling Away by Penelope Douglas

I think Penelope Douglas is capable of better. Where she can write bold, awful, wonderful and twisty heroes with layers this felt cliched and half-hearted. K.C. and Jax have been side-characters in a couple of books. Now it's their turn. They both have family issues (a personally loathed plot point). And secrets. They're all bottled… Continue reading Falling Away by Penelope Douglas