The Queen & the Homo Jock King by TJ Klune

I connected with this book on a cellular level. Snotty, hiccuppy, laugh/crying where i couldn’t breathe and didn’t care.

Plot – doesn’t really matter bc although the plot is what the book’s about it’s not what this book is ABOUT. Still – Darren was once dismissive and shitty to Sandy. They spend years hate-flirting. Circumstances force them to work together and interact to save Jack It – and sparks (alllll kinds of sparks) fly.

I cried a lot while reading this. Happy crying – sort of. This swell of emotion in my chest and throat and ears. Sandy felt like the most real, funny, awful, kind, mean, dramatic, terrible human being ever. Throw in Paul and Vince from the first book…all my favorite people in one place.

Frequently in reading a romance i struggle to identify with a character. I’m not much of a plucky-down-on-her-luck heroine. I have too much attitude and an advanced degree. I’m also not much of a brooding alpha-male – i talk too much and panic at loud noises. Thus, i love books with the quirky (Rainbow Rowell. Penelope Reid.), the misfits, the funny and the weird. Though i can’t connect with a short curvy secretary who accidentally seduces her bazillionaire boss i apparently found my soulmate in a shy gay man with a fierce inner drag queen and a fabulous sense of humor.The

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