Stitch by L Wilder

MC romances are a favorite of mine, and Madeline Sheehan is my gold-standard. Her characters and storylines are so raw, real and jagged. She builds intense, awful and fabulous relationships while dragging her agonized reader over hot coals. It’s delicious. Unfortunately, this book didn’t quite measure up.

Wren has a child with an abusive ex. Griffin, an MC enforcer, grew up in an abusive home. They meet in a diner and BAM. idk, man. I literally have no idea how these people ended up together or why. Essentially dude just started hanging around (in a creepy way – let’s be real). Then they make out. Then they’re together. Then there’s drama.

If you’re going to have a book where dude kills someone I need to feel it. I need to live it and breathe it and understand who he is and why it happens and why I still like him. Instead this felt like the sketch of the book – ideas thrown together without the meat of the story to bring them to life.

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