Rebel by Elle Casey

I loved this book! Funny, goofy, awkward with a swoony dude that prolly said 14 words during the entire book.

Teagan, a rich college girl, is suddenly adrift when her dad dies. After an awkward job hunt she sort of forces Rebel to hire her. He’s the strong silent type. Rebel and his super star badass brothers get sucked into helping Teagan when a mystery arises about her dad’s death. There are feelings. And denied feelings. And all kinds of smooshy-wooshy-sweetness. Randomly this weird plot line appears near the end that’s super awkward – totally there to set up the next book. I will say it killed my book buzz a little.

I was gung-ho for the next book in the series til near the end. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Right now I’m not sure if I need more or if I can let this one go.


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