The Trespasser by Tana French

When I first read In the Woods in 2013 I thought “this book is a breath of fresh air in the mystery genre. A one off.” I’ve come to realize that Tana French is her own sub-genre within mystery – creating books where the detective’s quirks and the crime exist in a perfect synchrony. Brilliant and unique in that we’re not forced to watch the world’s most worldly and wily detective take on fiendish foe after fiendish foe book after endless repetitive book. Instead we get a new deeply flawed, self-destructive and utterly perfect character to climb inside with each story.

You shouldn’t read this if you haven’t read the first five. And, honestly, if you haven’t read the first five what are you reading? There is a short list of authors whose books I grab automatically. Tana French heads up that Must Read List. I’ve yet to be disappointed – as a matter of fact, each book simply confirms my decision.

PLOT – Ha. Right. Antoinette Conway (along with Stephen Moran!!!) investigates a simple domestic murder. She’s not the most popular detective on the squad. As in French’s prior novels – the case is viewed through the skewed lens of the detective. Paranoia. Confusion. Exhaustion. Those are about to become your world. Are you ready for gritty eyes? Running on fumes? Constantly looking over your shoulder? You’re going to slip into Antoinette’s messy life like a pair of slippers – but when they’re hot and itchy and you’re desperate to have them off? That’s a no go – things are just starting to get interesting.The

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