Corrupt by Penelope Douglas

One of my hands-down top books of 2015. I don’t read dark books. I don’t read thrillers. But Penelope Douglas made me her bitch.
Any summary I give will be trite – and it won’t capture what this book is. I’m not going to say too much bc I don’t want to give a damn thing away.
What I can tell you? Read it. Read this motherfucker. Be prepared to be on the edge of your seat. To meet characters that have layers. For the emotions to build with each page. At 14% you’re panting for more. At 51% you realize that there’s more to this book than you imagined. At 70% you’re jumping up and down.
It’s a revenge story and a sex story and a love story – and a story about strength that you never suspected. It’s dark but it’s redemption. It’s everything.
And Rika. Michael. Kai. Immortalized – just like they deserve.


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