The Cad and the Co-Ed by LH Cosway and Penny Reid

I’d really worked up a full head of steam for this one, but Pfffffft. I understand that it can be difficult to make two people likable yet create an issue btwn them that complicates love for them. In this situation we went past my self-imposed boundaries for “palatable love-drama.” (I do better with outside influence creating the problem, btw. Self-imposed angst is hard to swallow.)

Eilish is wound-up, worried and generally un-fun. Bryan is a dude that’s into her but doesn’t show it. His efforts at playing it cool magnify her self-doubt. I don’t think the things Bryan did justified Eilish’s treatment of him. She was, frankly, awful. An emotionally closed-off liar who unnecessarily caused a lot of drama.

There are too many spoilers for me to lay it out. Suffice it to say I found Eilish manipulative, shrill, and unlikable. Bryan was overshadowed by her awful. He put up with a lot of hot and cold from a woman that wasn’t worth it.

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