Bet Me by Lila Monroe

Maybe I’m not in the rom-com mood.

But this managed to be trite, insulting, poorly edited, misogynistic and had a rapey vibe. So. Plot line – Lizzie goes on some bad dates, posts a video online about how she’s not having sex until some dude earns it, and becomes a hot commodity in the world of “want what we can’t have.”

Things I found confusing –
– if all these dudes sucked isn’t the vajayjay de facto closed for business? Or is she banging awful dudes that she doesn’t like even though she doesn’t like them and then complaining about it?
– does this chick have a golden cha-cha? Why does the world care that some random woman is no longer boning dudes that don’t treat her well? How is this a plot line?

– The hero’s friend putting a $50,000 reward online for this first guy that fucks this woman is just gross. It seriously creeped me out. If someone has a differing view on how it’s okay to pay a man $50,000 to lure a woman into thinking that he has feelings for her (bc that’s her thing here – she wants a “romantic” man who cares about her) so that she has sex with him please enlighten me.

– Further, the hero’s decision not to tell the heroine about the bounty on her vagina made him a top-notch dickhead. A guy that won’t tell you that men are being paid to fuck you isn’t a romantic hero. He’s just an awful person.

I predicted where it was going and how it would end within the first 70 pages. I was not incorrect in my assumptions. I didn’t find it funny – but that may have been because I was too horrified and confused by the awkward/bizarre storyline. I’m going back to my dark romances – they’re safer than this.Bet


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