Book 2 in a duet (cannot be read alone). The plot is irrelevant for this review bc you’ve either read the first one and know the plot or haven’t read the first one, and therefore, shouldn’t be reading this one.

I’ve been in the mood for dark – and this satisfied my craving. There were a couple of points where this was difficult for me to read. I had to set it down for a few minutes. If violence turns your tummy I wouldn’t give this a try.

I found the ending extremely fitting for the books. I had concerns that things would get watered-down or treacly, but my fears were for naught. It ended exactly as I felt it should end.

While I never crushed on Lorenzo I did fall a bit in love with Scarlet. She has this enormous strength that made her the reason that I really enjoyed this books. Don’t get me wrong, Lorenzo is a blast. But I could connect with Scarlet in a way I don’t connect with many heroines bc I respect the hell out of her.

I’m going to check out the Monster In His Eyes series in the next couple of days.


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