A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart

80% of this story took place inside the main characters’ heads. And they’re not interesting enough to pull this off.

I’ve not read Persuasion (but it’s in the imminent TBR). I understand that this is a retelling of it. Elliott and Wade dated for 2 years…as teenagers – 7 years later they’re still psychotically hung-up on one another. So much so that they struggle to breathe in each other’s presence.

I’m all for romance – but these two were pathetic. And Elliott has all the fire of a tepid bathtub. Aside from gasping from air in Wade’s presence and allowing her family to march all over her there was nothing to her.

I understand that the author was going for softness. Passion. Intense longing. I can even understand how some readers could enjoy this book. If being drug through the emotional wringer is your gig you should give this thing a try. But by 40% into this book I was hoping Elliott and Wade didn’t get back together. No way two people that miserable on their own should inflect their self-doubt, anger and self-loathing on a life partner. You gotta love yourself before someone else can love you, man.

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