Unbeloved by Madeline Sheehan

Intense. Gritty. Painful. A little heart-breaking.

Madeline Sheehan’s books speak to me. Without going too far she manages to bring me to the absolute edge of what I can stand as a reader. Her characters aren’t nice, and shitty things happen to them. Her books give my soul road rash.

Hawk and Dorothy have a long history. They’ve been on our radar for a few books now. This isn’t the Sheehan book to get you started – seriously it will make no sense. Undeniable – the first book in this series – is GLORIOUS. I hope you’ve read it by now.

I was disappointed by an aspect of this book. I’d waited a while to read it – and I wanted a little more from it. Not going to give it away bc I don’t want to ruin anything. I was instantly pulled in, spent much of the book on the edge of my seat, cried, and then felt a little let down by how things were resolved. Still, Sheehan at so-so is better than many authors at their best. I look forward to the next book in this series.

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