Come Away With Me by Kristen Proby

This was the creepiest romance book I’ve read in recent memory. **Shudder**

Natalie goes to take photos one morning on the beach, and some dude tries to snatch her camera bc she thinks he’s photographing him. Natalie proceeds to go out with him when he “bumps into” her later that day. Bc he’s handsome – and we all know that serial killers can never be attractive or charming. He tells her she’s beautiful at least 5 times during their first meeting, won’t tell her what he does for a living, gets randomly angry/jealous and So of course they make a date for the next day. And then it’s LOVE.

Everything about this book made me gag and shudder. Insta-love at it’s worst. I was incredibly disappointed when the Hero didn’t tie the heroine up and slash her to death bc that’s where I thought this book was going.

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