Rock Chick Regret by Kristen Ashley

“Will the real Slim Sadie please stand up?” I know. I know. Ridiculous.

Sadie, as the daughter of a drug king pin, has put on a front for so long that she’s not sure who she is. Hector is the DEA agent who brought her dad down. It’s a roller-coaster ride of revolving Sadies as she figures out if she’s strong, mean, sad, icy, unhappy or a coward. Hector is a constant warm comfort on Sadie’s cold and lonely road.

This was a rollicking good time in true KA fashion. The entire Rock Chick/Hot Bunch crew, hijinks, explosions, and alpha-man-drama. Such a fabulous way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Her books are really hit or miss for me – more hits than misses. But when I hate them I hate them. I tip-toed cautiously into this and was thrilled to have such a wonderful time!

I’m actually gonna go right into the next book bc I’m on a KA high. Rock


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