Broken and Screwed by Tijan

I love Tijan – she’s an indulgence. But this thing was ridiculous.

Her writing style is always odd. A sort of dissonance where what she says doesn’t always jibe with time and place. But she usually explains it in the next paragraph. And she loves drama. But this book was OTT – even for her. I think the fact that it was half a book didn’t help. But I won’t be reading the next one to see if shit gets fixed.

Alex is in a weird love-to-hate-you thing with her dead brother’s bestie. Essentially that’s the plot. As I’ve mentioned – this is a To Be Continued so there’s no resolution. I never didn’t want to finish it, but I certainly don’t need any more of it.

Interestingly it did make me want to read more Tijan. There’s something addictive about the sloppy dramatic mess that is each of her books. So I think I’ll go poke around for another.

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