The Spencer Cohen Series Book One by NR Walker

It was cute.

Coming off a spree of dark reads (plus schoolwork and work-work) I’ve been trying to find a nice middle of the road read. This one trended a little too far into light and fluffy, but it was readable.

Spencer’s job is helping people make their Exes jealous. The theory is that the jealous ex will fight to get you back – thus salvaging your relationship. We won’t even get into the sheer dishonesty of tricking another human into thinking they love you. Anyhow. Spencer falls for a client. Again – going to avoid the ethics of sabotaging the very thing you’re paid to fix. (I cannot turn off being a lawyer – I can turn it down but it never goes away). Spencer and Andrew are a little mushy. And there’s no sex. Still – it was something to read that didn’t make me angry or nauseated. (And if that isn’t a ringing endorsement idk what is).

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