The Kind Worth Killing by Peter Swanson

So – can’t tell you much. It starts slow and picks up around halfway. There’s a malevolent vibe the entire time – with a cast of irredeemable characters that you love to hate. These people are incredibly bad. That’s my main criticism actually – the unrealistic nature of this much evil in one spot. But it makes what happens easier to read. So it wasn’t a huge negative.

I don’t want to call it an easy read. Parts were flat out awful. But there’s a freedom that comes from reading a book with no emotional investment. It’s like a gruesome version of lighthearted.

Twists galore. Ridiculous characters. And a plot that snowballs – gathering speed as the book progresses. I didn’t love this book, but i had a hell of a good time guessing what would happen next – and consistently being wrong.

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