Mechanique: A Tale of the Circus Tresaulti by Genevieve Valentine

This was sparse. Tight. Edgy. A lot unsaid – leaving the reader to her own devices. The writing was stunning. The plot quick-moving.

The story of a circus that’s more than a circus – in some kind of post-apocalyptic nightmare where war is everywhere. The dying are drawn to the circus – where the ringmaster has a “healing touch.” Each circus act is a little more than the sum of its parts.

The story is simple while the book is complex. Valentine has created something slyly macabre. You’re creeped out as you read, but you can’t put your finger on why. She evokes bold dark colors and heat and something beautiful at first glance but terrifyingly ugly as you look closer.

The writing is dry and sharp. Literally all edges – without a safe place to land. You get to the end confident that nothing good is coming.

Given my hectic week and mindset this was a tough read for me. I wanted cuddles and hot tea. This book gave me a sharp jab and a shot of Patron.

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