The Bird and The Sword by Amy Harmon

A YA(ish??) fantasy romance – with magic and princes and creepy flying bad guys. It wasn’t bad, but it felt more like the sketch of a book than a full story. A prophecy thingy makes it so Lark can’t speak. Her magic is not allowed, and she doesn’t know who or what she really is. The prince takes an interest in her and Lark starts to see her own worth – and his.

The good – easy read. Decent world-building. Enjoyable writing.

The bad – shallow. Silly chick. The romance moved in weird fits and starts that I could not follow. It was overly wordy in areas. I got bored in spots.

I’ve read some great books recently. Full characters. Fabulous story-lines. Imagery and writing both moving and meaningful. This was a thoroughly okay read that I’m unlikely to remember by March.


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